Application Development


Mobile Apps development

Mobile Apps are developed on a rapid application development framework where pre-built components / frame work are used to build the app. Hence the client’s requirements are delivered in just 25% of the normal development time.

The first version of the live app will be delivered on 5th day of development with bare minimum features. Remaining features will be added one by one and the customer get a clear visibility of how the app gets developed. Incremental development helps to avoid extensive change management and curbs repetitive and redundant development. Incremental development also helps integrate the client’s iterative feedback which quickens the time to delivery.

Stacks and Service application development

Organizations have varied processes and most likely need custom software tailored to their requirements to stay competitive in this information age. We enable our customers to accelerate the launch of their products & solutions through our Web 2.0, JAVA and Microsoft technology offerings. Nibaara has a well-defined development process that covers all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

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Web Application Development

Apart from building native mobile applications, we offer services in creating mobile web applications. With expertise in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Mobile we create very rich and polished mobile web applications.