BI & Data Analytics

BI solutions are offered in-line with a client’s information reporting requirements. Data is extracted and processed from their integrated data sources which can then be deployed on any of their platforms varying from desktops to mobile devices. 

Key solution subject areas:

Data Discovery​

Advanced Analytics​



Data integration is the driving force that enables Business Intelligence. Our tools provide for combining data residing in different sources ranging from flat files to databases via the ETL / ELT tools and providing users with a rational view of the Data.

Meta Data Parser (MDP):

Form based reporting are gradually being replaced by data cubes. Regulatory reporting is no more restricted only to financial sector. Sectors with huge reliance on trade policies require regulatory oversight. Regulatory KPIs are part of business planning and management.

Key Features

  • Standardization implementation made easy
  • Trackable online Impact Analysis
  • Compliance automation possible

Data Validation & Reconciler (DVR):

Process automation and innovative solutions are required to enable organizations to face upcoming functional and technical challenges. Data Mapping and Analytics is the core of process automation. The solutions offered can address Data Integration with ETL capabilities.

Key Features

  • Ease of Data customization
  • Data transformation to suit automation
  • Seamless scalability

Data Mart Schematics (DMS):

Solutions that integrates with multiple data sources of different formats provides for macro-micro visibility offers analytics for performance metrics. BI and Analytics platform that can be powered by machine learning required structured Data warehousing implementation.

Key Features

  • ETL Integrated with Data repositories
  • Framework based data discovery
  • On premise or hosted service