Medcare (Total Hospital Information System)

Nibaara Technologies is an Authorised Channel Partner for marketing MEDCARE (Total Hospital Information System) from SD Global Technologies Sdn Bhd. SD Global Technologies is specialized in Healthcare Information Technology offering various software services and solutions to healthcare providers. 


MEDCARE is the state-of-the-art end-to-end integrated information technology to help our customers control their hospital costs and improve care. It offers a complete solution to the hospitals for Financial Management, Administrative Management and Clinical Management – by leveraging the secure web-based technology.

MEDCARE is the end-to-end healthcare solution, which is scalable to suit the needs of small nursing homes as well as multi-speciality and multi-location hospital chains. It helps our customers gain competitive advantage through actionable insights and improve their hospital’s patient care. MEDCARE is an element of health informatics that focuses mainly on the administrative and clinical needs of hospitals. MEDCARE is a comprehensive and integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of the hospital’s operation, e.g. medical, administrative, and financial and the corresponding processing of services.